Fee-only pricing is for minimal conflict and the maximization of the advice you need. As a client of Constitution Wealth, you’ll receive relevant and tailored advice from our experts for a fee. This fee is the only revenue we make. It’s that simple! You’ll have the freedom to focus on achieving financial goals, protecting assets, and maximizing income all with your core values at the root. You won’t need to worry about fees and commissions hidden in the fine print. At Constitution Wealth, we meet a fiduciary standard for all of our clients at all times because we believe our clients deserve to have their interests upheld at all times. We’re here to work alongside you and help you implement your core values into your wealth management strategies.

This is a highly customizable fee that can differ depending on the situation. It’s based on your assets and liabilities rather than just the assets that Constitution Wealth manages directly. The percentage billed is lower than percentage based but its spread out over a larger number of assets. The total fee billed will be the same as the percentage-based fee above. However, it may benefit some clients by helping reduce any conflicts of interest that could arise when deciding on debt reduction or purchasing new investments that Constitution Wealth won’t be managing. It may be suggested to clients with a higher net-worth or to a variety of non-stock and bond market related investments the advisor must consider. It can also be suggested to clients whose investable assets represent a small portion of their net worth.



At Constitution Wealth, we understand that a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work. You deserve an individualized plan with customized pricing options. That’s why we offer Suggested Net Worth Pricing. Your advisor at Constitution Wealth will guide you to the best fee-only pricing option for you.